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FeaturesABillS BaseABillS StandartABillS Extra

Working with Internet services




Equipment control and monitoring system (PON, FTTH)


Card platform


Interaction with external payment systems (base)


System Monitor


User Reports Module


Subscription fee for additional services


News web portal

Iptv Base

Platform for interaction with digital television services


Document management module


Mail service management


Poll subscribers


IP address log


Employee record


Referral system

Console utilities
Call center operator's place of work

Network coverage map


Platform for interaction with SMS services

Negative deposit filter
Packet Support
Hourly Support
Basic license (subscribers)60010003000
Support (months)1*3*
Update (months)16
Price0 $1200 $2600 $

* Technical support starts from the moment the customer receives the distribution package

ABillS Hotspot Box

ABillS + Hotspot + Cards + 1 payment system (choice from existing)

650 $
  • Installation and configuration of the system is paid separately
  • For each additional 500 subscribers, a one-time surcharge of $120 (only for Standard and Extra versions).
  • After installing the system, the client is provided with free support for 1 month.


Migration from version lower than 1.0

The migration includes a 6-month upgrade subscription

500 $
ABillS update for a period of 6 months

(Commercial update work on provider side not included)

350 $

Support. Packet support

Basic support, 1 month

The basic support package is intended for providers who have their own technical staff but who want to have timely assistance with billing without incurring the cost of a separate specialist in this area, services: - Adaptation of tariff plans; - consulting on the billing system; - Solving simple issues on the operating system; - Maintenance of no more than 2 servers; - Scheduled non-critical issues are considered during business hours. - Critical issues are considered around the clock. includes: - Significant changes in the server configuration; - Installation of additional software that requires a significant amount of time; - Immediate resolution of all issues; - Configuration and revision of access servers (this issue is agreed separately); - Communication with end customers and providers; - Updating the billing system and all related modules. Response time to request 48 hours. This package is available to providers with a subscription. with a base of up to 10,000 subscribers. Up to 4 hours of service guaranteed.

90 $
Extended support, 1 month

Extended maintenance package is intended for small and medium systems with 1-3 servers and a more developed network infrastructure. Maintenance of up to 3 servers (each additional +25 $) This type of technical support includes: - Basic technical support package and consulting support; — Service optimization issues and network building —Monitoring and tracking the correct operation of network equipment of medium complexity; —Technical support for additional and loaded services.; —Introducing minor changes to billing; — Update of the billing system and all related modules is included; — Update of operating systems and software; Response time to the request: — current work 24 hours; — critical requests 3 hours; — implementation of new features negotiated separately. Up to 6 hours guaranteed.

180 $
Full support, 1 month - $
Rush job

Solving the problem after the response time of the maintenance tariff plan PURPOSE IS MANDATORY!

from 60 $
24/7 support, 1 hour

Price for each completed task. (for commercial and non-commercial subscribers)

from 60 $
Hourly pay 1 hour for commercial clients 30 $
Remote learning via Skype 60 $
Departure of a specialist

One day (the price does not include travel, food and accommodation)

300 $
  • Support Service Schedule
    Monday - Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 Kyiv time (UTC +2)
  • The task for which a fixed price is defined is not included in the service
  • Payment for support must be made before the 5th day of the current month
  • If the system has been without package maintenance for more than 2 months, then you need to pay for 2 periods plus the current month of maintenance or payment for maintenance for 1 year.


Base installation of ABillS250 $
  • Migration from nonexisting systems not included.

Mobile app for the subscriber

ABillS Lite — mobile user account for Android and iOS

ABillS Lite0 $

(logo, contacts, settings)

220 $

App subscription with support for publishing on Google Play and the App Store

Android (1 year)

Includes branding

650 $
iOS (1 year)

Includes branding

1000 $
Android + iOS (1 year)

Includes branding

1600 $
Android (1 month)65 $
iOS (1 month)100 $

Modules for payment systems

Paysys Base

for OSMP system and bank statements

100 $
Paysys - payment through the portal, terminal, work with bank statements

The price is indicated individually for each module of the payment system.
List of supported payment systems
If you did not find the module you need, please contact our support system.

180 $

Modules for IPTV-services

Iptv Base

Platform for interaction with digital television services

0 $
Iptv — service, API, OTT-integration

The price is indicated individually for each module of the IPTV-service.
List of support IPTV-systems
If you did not find the module you need, please contact our support system.

180 $

Modules for ECR-services

Extreceipt Base

Platform for interaction with digital ECR

0 $
Extreceipt — service, API

The price is indicated individually for each module of the ECR-service.
List of support ECR-systems
If you did not find the module you need, please contact our support system.

200 $

Additional modules and programs

Turbo200 $
FreeRadius DHCP

Dynamic allocation of IP addresses from DHCP OPTION 82 (SWITCH, VLAN, PORT), custom shaper

400 $

ASTERISK, GNUGK protocols, SIP, H.323 for 30 simultaneous calls. Each additional 10 simultaneous calls +250 $

600 $
Cisco ISG600 $
Juniper MX80600 $

Map module

160 $

Fiber and Switching Module

160 $

Inventory management module

250 $

System for notifying users about the state of the account and other events (news) of the system with the help of E-Mail, SMS, Push notifications

150 $

Sending SMS messages

85 $

Module for blocking Internet resources

100 $

Userside interaction module

150 $

Call center management module

200 $

Module for auto dialing subscribers

120 $
Telegram Bot

The bot allows you to conduct mass mailing and reduce the time for subscriber support

85 $
Viber Bot85 $

Module for working with potential clients

200 $

Notification and recording of accidents

200 $

Several domains in one billing system

2500 $


Balancing load distribution on outgoing channels

The ability to distribute the use of incoming Internet channels between users, based on the tariff plan or other user parameters

from 180 $
Negative deposit filter

Alert users of spent deposit by redirecting them to the balance information page: - Redirecting the subscriber with a negative deposit to the spent deposit warning page - Several days' notice of the spent deposit - Redirecting to the spent deposit warning page and turning on the subscriber in limited mode —Displaying a page about a negative deposit after a certain time during an active session

100 $
Installing and configuring a signed SSL certificatefrom 40 $
DNS Server Setup 30 $
Mail server


from 80 $
Configuring BGP 150 $
Backupfrom 20 $
The creation of Soft Raidfrom 40 $
System Load Graphs


100 $
ABills Clusterfrom 950 $
Preparing documents for the Docs modulefrom 50 $
  • When purchasing additional modules, the customer is provided with support only for the purchased components. The period is 4 months from the date of purchase.
  • When purchasing additional modules, the client is given the opportunity to update them within 4 months from the date of purchase.
  • Setting up the module is not included in the price of the module.
  • Applications that are not processed through the escort system are paid at double the rate.
Last update: 2023-10-01